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Scott’s Data – For Detailed & Accurate Information About Industrial Companies in Canada

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industrial companies in canada

Not too long ago, business organizations and industrial companies in Canada relied on printed directories to make it easier for customers and other businesses to get in touch with them. Most factories are usually located in specialized industrial zones, away from residential and commercial areas. Since they are outside the reach of final consumers, they need a quicker and more reliable way to get connected with retailers and customers.

The age of the internet made communications quicker and more reliable. The greater connectivity is certainly a boon and search engines like Google and Bing can make it easier for customers to find a company that they are looking to buy from.

However, in order to get the best out of modern technology, businesses need to have a strong presence online and create a strong digital marketing strategy.

Database of Industrial Companies in Canada

A public database of industrial companies in Canada makes it easier for businesses to search for, and be found by, other businesses. Industrial businesses can benefit from this in particular. Industrial and manufacturing businesses are part of a long supply chain of raw material producers, distributors, marketers and retailers. Industrial companies can benefit from a database a lot by making it easier for them to find and compare services of different service providers.

The detailed and accurate Canadian industrial companies’ database listing at Scott’s Data makes it easier for stakeholders and customers to get in touch with manufacturing businesses. One of the primary requirements to be listed is to submit a phone number or contact address on the listing site. The publicly available number makes it easy to find and contact the business directly without relying on references.

Canada Industrial Company Directory

Canada has a strong and growing industrial base. An online Canadian companies’ directory with a comprehensive record of businesses would improve B2B communication for the industrial sector. Better communications would lead to greater efficiency and enhanced customer service.

A comprehensive and complete Canadian industrial company directory such as Scott’s Data offers the following benefits to businesses and industrial sector.

  • All the information compiled at one place would make it much easier to find contact information, even for the new and obscure industrial concerns.
  • A well-designed internal search engine for Canadian industrial company directory would display results in seconds, taking away the need to search page after page of businesses.
  • The Canada company directory would be the perfect resource for tracing addresses, business location and finding professional services.
  • The Canadian industrial company directory results would also show up on Google, Bing or Yahoo searches, giving Canadian businesses better visibility.
  • The greater visibility also makes the directory a good marketing tool in the hands of an experience digital marketer.


An industrial companies’ directory for Canadian businesses would be very beneficial for local businesses based in Ontario, Montreal, Toronto and other industrial centers.

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