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How to Find Wholesale Distributors for Your Business

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A large number of distributors and suppliers are listed online that sell everything from raw materials and machinery to technical and delivery services. Consider the online listings at wholesale suppliers Canada websites like Alibaba or Amazon that are full of suppliers.

The very large number of sellers can become overwhelming for business procurement managers who may find it difficult to differentiate one supplier from the next. Indeed, with so many suppliers and little ways to distinguish between them, how does one choose one supplier over another?

Here we will list four ways for you to find the best suppliers for your business using online wholesale directories in Canada.

Use the Search Engine

Google didn’t become one of the largest companies in the world for nothing. The free search engine has a complex algorithm that is ideal for finding the right supplier in a matter of moments.

If you are looking for suppliers based on your industry or location, consider adding specific keywords related to your search in the search bar. For instance, Instead of searching for ‘plastic bottle suppliers’ try searching for ‘plastic bottle suppliers in Ontario’ to get more meaningful results for your needs.

Call Up the Supplier

Professional and reliable businesses will always have their contact details available on listing sites to make it easier for customers to get in touch. When you find a supplier that meets your needs, call them on the contact number on their listing to talk in detail about your requirements.

References Are Important

References are quite important to measure the quality of service you will get from the supplier. Be sure to ask the supplier on the B2B wholesale distributor’s database to provide some references from previous or existing customers to find out how others rate them.

While the lack of references does not mean the supplier isn’t capable of delivering what you need, it does indicate that they are either inexperienced or don’t have too many satisfied customers.

Make Use of Wholesale Suppliers’ Canada Databases

Databases and listing sites are extremely useful in your search for online suppliers. Not only do they give you contact details of the supplier, but a rating or review system also makes it easier to distinguish the quality of service they will provide.

The wholesale directory Canada will also tell you whether the supplier has been fined or penalized for breaking any laws or if there is pending litigation against the company. The database gives you a way to make background checks on your potential supplier in a low cost but effective way.

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